Top 10 Things You Should Check Before Buying a Used iPhone in 2023

Top 10 Things You Should Check Before Buying a Used iPhone

 Looking to buy an iPhone? The best idea is to buy a used one why do we choose used iPhones? The answer is simple, the main reason is the price of the iPhone. If you want to buy a new one we have to spend a huge amount. At the same time, choose the used one, we will spend only half of the new one. But in some cases, many sellers cheat us. So the important thing is to evaluate the quality of the used iPhone. So let’s discuss the top 10 things you should check before buying a used iPhone.


  1. Body Panel:

Make sure the body of the iPhone is clean and scratch less (based on grade) the body panel is an important factor in evaluating phone usage. If we saw a lot of scratches, or body bends don’t choose the phone because we can understand the phone is used harshly and carelessly. So may have a chance for internal complaints like board issues, charging issues, camera issues. So make sure the body is clean and the scratches are minimal.


  1. Display:

The second factor is to check the quality of the display. This is because iPhones come with XDR OLED displays, so in some cases, the seller may change the display or repair the copy display, So make sure that the display panel is original and that the touch screen has no complaints, and do not buy the iPhone with the display complaint, because the price of the display is almost the same as the used iPhones.

(Bonus Tip: Dial into the code dial pad provided to check all the details with one click *3001#12345#*)


  1. Battery:

Battery health is another important factor, as the best feature of the iPhone is shows the battery health. So it helps us to evaluate the usage of the iPhone. If the battery health is below 60% then the battery health is very critical, so make sure that the battery health is above 80% when choosing the used iPhones. Keep in mind that iPhone accessories are expensive.

(Bonus Tip: After 500 full charge cycles your iPhone should retain up to 80 percent of its original battery capacity. Once the battery health percentage is below 80%, the charge level of your battery will start to decrease. However, this does not mean that you should buy a new battery)


  1. Speakers:

iPhones only have speakers that do not have a 3.5mm audio jack. So make sure the speaker are working fine without annoying noises. If the speaker has any complaints we can hear annoying sounds like hearing from a gramophone. So another important factor is the quality of the speaker.

(Bonus Tip: The easiest way to check the quality of the speaker is to play the songs at maximum volume. If there is any complaint in the speakers we can easily understand)


  1. Call test:

The primary use of a phone is to make and receive calls. So try to make a call with a SIM card. You can also check back calls. This time you can check if your phone works with the specific carrier and the quality of the mic and ear speaker. Do not choose to buy the phone if you find any problem with the carrier, because the service cost is high.


  1. Buttons:

Check the iPhone’s Volume Up and Down buttons, Power Button, and Home Button. (The home button is lower than the iPhone 8 Plus models, so check the home button and the fingerprint sensor). Turn off and turn on the phone by pressing the power button, playing a song, increasing the volume, and pressing the decrease buttons to check that the buttons are working smoothly.


  1. Camera:

The camera clarity of the iPhone attracts consumers, so when buying a used iPhone you should check the quality of the camera and the inside of the camera lens, as sometimes there is a possibility of dust inside the lens. Also check the clarity of the camera, as there is a chance to change the cameras of the iPhones. So make sure the cameras are original and work well.


  1. Earphone and Charging Ports:

Check the charging port and the earphone jack, we can connect the charger to the phone and make sure the phone is charging and do this again. If you find any problems while charging, Don’t buy the phone.


  1. Connectivity of the Phone:

Check the connectivity the phone supports, and if the phone supports 4G, insert a SIM card and use the internet sometimes, make sure that the connectivity is perfect.

(Tip: check the WIFI, Cellular, Bluetooth)


  1. IMEI:

Check the IMEI of the iPhone and confirm that the iPhone was authorized Click on the link and confirm that the iPhone is a valid purchase

(Tip: Dial the code *#06# to view the IMEI of the iPhone)
These are the top 10 things you should check before buying a used iPhone.



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