What is Pre-Owned Devices?


    The Pre-Owned device means anything that was previously owned by someone else and is now up for sale. Universal Telecom is the best pre-owned mobiles sellers in UAE. Our pre-owned iPhones are used before, but now the product is in perfect condition. We categorize our pre-Owned mobiles by grade, namely A +, A, and B. The classification is based on its condition, i.e. iPhones are distinguished by their health, minor scratches, and changes in spare parts, and also we provide a warranty, based on the condition.


    PreOwned A+

    Pre-Owned A+

    One of the basic classifications for the grade of used devices is pre-owned A +, these devices are the excellent condition iPhones, although these phones have been used before, not more than 6 months, Its looks like a new phone and has no scratches, and the product has all the features of a new iPhone. We do not replace any spare parts on the device, and A + rated phones have over 90% battery life, with a 1 to 12-month warranty.




    PreOwned A


    The other grade-wise classification is Pre-Owned A, which is the best condition iPhone in this grade of devices, these phones were used for more than a year, and we have not replaced any of the spare parts like battery and display. This phone looks in good condition with minimal scratches, not have any issues, this is because the device is completely checked and passed both manual and computerized aspects. Battery health is 85% higher for A-grade iPhones, and we offer a 30-day replacement warranty.


    PreOwned B

    Pre-Owned B

    Our final grade-wise classification is Pre-Owned B. Which phones were used for more than 2 years. And which had scratches on the body and replaced spare parts such as displays and batteries. The phone looks in normal condition and also it does not have any complaints. Because we restored the complained spares and thoroughly inspected and passed the manual and computerized aspects. We do not warrant any warranty on these B-grade devices. But we assure you that these products have no complaints and it is 100% working. Also, these devices have 75% above battery health.

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