Is iPhone 7 Worth Buying in 2023?

Used iPhone 7


     If you are planning to buy a used iPhone in 2023, like a phone that is easy to use, small screen, great camera, and low price, etc… iPhone 7 is the best choice for you. Here are some interesting facts:

  1. 7-inch display with 750 x 1334 pixel resolution, so we get the best video experience from the phone.
  2. Best Camera: The camera section of the iPhone is better than the cameras of the newly introduced Android smartphones. We can take great pictures with this camera.
  3. Excellent quality: The Phone build with front glass (gorilla glass), aluminum back and aluminum frame, so do not worry if the phone falls off
  4. Performance
  5. Price: Apple introduces newer models every year, which will change the price of older models.  So it is a good idea to consider buying an iPhone 7. In 2023 we can buy the original used iPhone 7 for just AED 369/-
  6. Software: Did you know? IOS is the most secure platform. So if you want to buy a phone consider the iPhone 7, because we get the best secure smartphones at the best prices.
  7. Design: The phone comes with a slimmer design and is better than any Android phone. So this is another factor.


iPhone 7 is best for whom?

  • Those looking to buy the best iPhones below AED400 / – (USD-100)
  • Minimal usage (calling, watching videos, taking pictures, etc…)
  • Elder persons
  • Use the phone as an office mobile
  • Secondary mobile purpose


iPhone 7 is not recommended for whom?

  • Hardcore Game Players: iPhone 7 is not designed for hard gaming because the processor does not support hardcore games.  Gamers need a larger screen, but this display comes with a 4.7-inch. So you will be disappointed if you choose this phone.
  • Continues Using: The phone only has a 1960 MAH battery, so if you use the phone continuously, the battery will drain quickly, and the phone does not support fast charging. (Note that the minimum charging time is 2-3 hours)
  • External Storage Users: The iPhone does not have a port for installing external memory, so if you want to use external memory, go for android Mobiles.
  • Looking to update iOS: Apple stopped new iOS updates for iPhone 7 in 2022, So the phone will never get new updates.


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